11 Amazing Things To Do In Port St Lucie Worth The Money

Located on the Easternmost portion of Florida, Port St Lucie has become an extremely popular tourist destination. This is known to be a very calm city, although it has a sizable population of around 200,000 people.

But those people are very friendly, and a lot of people do return to this place year after year to savor the welcoming atmosphere. This features many great bars and restaurants as well as city parks that are very well maintained.

11 Amazing Things To Do In Port St Lucie Worth The Money

But what are the very best activities that you can do in Port St Lucie? Is it family-friendly as a tourist destination? Is there something for people who like culture? Are there things for people who enjoy active sports?

Well, we have compiled a diverse list of the great things that you can do in Port St Lucie, so let’s get stuck in.

Why Go To Port St Lucie?

One of the reasons why you should go to Port St Lucie is that there are so many things that you can do.

You can go horseback riding on the beach or you can watch one of the many baseball games that occur throughout the spring season.

Because this is a seaside resort, there is more than your fair share of crystal-clear waters and pure sandy beaches that you can enjoy.

There are also designated nature zones that ensure the protection of the unique wildlife that occurs here.

You can also catch some waves here as it is home to a thriving surfing community. There are hundreds of golf courses and paddleboard-friendly lakes, so if you like your sport or games of dexterity, then this is the place for you.

But that’s just scraping the surface, there are hundreds of more attractions that you can visit. So why not look at our list of some of the best things that you can do in Port St Lucie?

We have picked locations that offer everything from art and culture to environment and intense exercise.

1. Port St Lucie Botanical Gardens

This is located on the banks of the St. Lucie River and is one of the most beautiful sights that you can visit while you are in the city.

You can stroll through these gardens at your leisure, savoring the sights and the smells, and enjoying the paved public pathways and the pavilion.

This also has a butterfly garden, which is fantastic for the kids. They also have a rose garden and an orchid room. They also have an educational program for children and live events including jazz.

2. Treasure Coast Model Railroad Club

Model railways might not be for everyone, but if you do have a penchant for mini steam trains, then get yourself down to the Treasure Coast Model Railroad Club.

This has some of the most detailed model railways that you can imagine, so bring the kids along.

This is an institution all of its own, acquiring donations or memberships from its patrons. It might be the thing that you need to launch into your own model railway obsession. This is also a great place to go to get away from the crowds.

3. Savannas Preserve State Park

Next up, we have a park that contains over 7,000 acres of natural land, which is fantastic if you consider yourself a bit of an explorer.

This is a location that is teeming with wildlife, from the herons to alligators, there’ll be plenty to jot down in your animal almanac.

You can also go to this park to get away from it all, as there is plenty of land for you to find a quiet spot in amongst the bushes.

You can go fishing, hiking, or kayaking in this park, so why not take a party of your close friends or family and disappear into nature for a while?

4. Veterans Park At Rivergate

This is another great venue for you to relax in nature. It has 3 family-sized pavilions with seating where you can just kick back with your own picnic.

This also has a boat that is accessible, which is great for seniors or anyone who might be having mobility issues.

This comes with a nature trail and fishing spots, where you are free to catch some fish of various species, shapes and sizes.

At various points along this bridge, it has signposts that detail some of the behavioral traits of the manatees that you might spot in this area.

5. Hop Life Brewing

This company has dedicated themselves to brewing beer using some of the most innovative techniques currently available.

You can stop by this taproom and have a little tasting session, which will help you to narrow down your favorite flavor.

This also comes with a kitchen that can rustle up all manner of lunches and dinners, as well as having a kids’ menu.

Because you can bring the whole family here, it has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere.

6. Oxbow Eco-Center

This is a nature center that seeks to educate visitors about wildlife and why it is important that it should be preserved.

If you are in the vicinity of Port St Lucia with a classroom full of students, then this is a great place to take them out for the day.

This whole building is designed with green in mind, so there are lots of solar-powered devices and structures made from recyclable materials.

It offers youth programs and art tutorials, all dedicated to raising awareness of its ecological cause.

7. Paleo Hammock Preserve

A beautiful enclave of nature, this place has everything from hiking trails to observation towers that you can use for birding. This is a trail that winds through many ancient oak trees, so be prepared for adventure when you come out here.

Some of the animals that you might find here include deer, turkey, heron, barred owl, cardinal, mockingbird, catbird, and flycatcher.

This also contains a site of historical significance, so if you want to enjoy time away from everything modern and man-made, this might be the perfect spot for you.

8. Oak Hammock Park

This is another idyllic spot where you can stroll along the shore with your dog and watch the sunset go down.

This walkway comes with 3 pavilions, each one featuring tables that can seat upwards of 8 people. One of the pavilions also comes with a grill.

There is also a butterfly garden, so if you want to teach the kids about the wonders of the insect kingdom, then this is the place for you.

You can also fish at two points along this trial, with one of the pavilions having a fish cleaning station, which is great for die-hard fishermen.

9. Spruce Bluff Preserve

This is another intriguing walk that is also a site of historical interest, marking out the site of a late nineteenth-century pioneer settlement.

There are also the remains of a Native American dwelling here, marked out by native plants that were used during the time.

You can access this on foot or by canoe. This is a decent hike, great for families and even youngsters to attempt.

Part of the charm of this place is trying to find the remains of the settler site yourself, as there are outlines of the old school and the sawmill still present.

10. PGA Historical Center

If you are even remotely interested in golf, then you’ll definitely want to check out the PGA Golf Museum. This place is a treasure trove of artifacts related to the history and expansion of golf in the USA.

You can also rent your own villas, either with one or two bedrooms. There are also plenty of amenities here, so you can wash, change and relax before hitting the course for a few rounds of golf.

There are also real estate agents here with specialist experience in Port St. Lucie.

11. Bluefield Ranch Preserve

This is a former cattle ranch that has now been transformed into a massive nature reserve that is perfect for hiking, camping and horse trekking.

There is plenty of wildlife here, from hog, turkey, alligator, quail, red-shoulder hawk, bald eagle, swallow-tailed kite, sandhill crane, and meadowlark.

This has a few sites of historical interest including an old airstrip that used to fly in wealthy tourists.

It also features an old silo that was damaged during a hurricane and some of the old cattle pens from when it was still a working ranch.


We hope that our guide to some of the more interesting sites, landmarks, venues and events in the Port St Lucie area in Florida has widened your horizons as to the possible things to do (see also “Amazing Things To Do In South Florida Worth The Money“).

Remember that some venues require you to book beforehand, so always check the website before you go to visit these places.

A lot of these venues are also friendly for children, so bundle the whole family in the back of the station wagon and have yourselves a great day out!

Julia Wright
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