11 Amazing Things To Do In Omaha Worth The Money

Omaha is the biggest city in the state of Nebraska and it is growing more and more every single day. It is a great place for people to settle down and there are a lot of single young professionals and families making Omaha their home.

But if you are new to the city, what is there for you to do?

11 Amazing Things To Do In Omaha Worth The Money

Well, you’ll be happy to know there are lots of things for you to do.

There are plenty of daytime and nighttime attractions, whether it is the Durham Museum, the Henry Doorly Zoo or Joslyn Art Museum, there is something for every member of the family to do.

So where can you find the best sites in and around Omaha? Where is there to go to see the best art? What about activities for those people who consider themselves very active?

Well, we have whittled down that list to some of the very best things you can do that will be worth the money (see also “Amazing Things To Do In Port St Lucie Worth The Money“). So what are you waiting for, let’s get stuck in!

Why Go To Omaha?

Omaha is a rich and friendly city, currently housing nearly half a million people. The city has been described as friendly and safe, with plenty of people seeking to relocate here for both work and family.

There is a mix of the suburban with the urban in this city, with a lower crime rate than a lot of the other cities in Nebraska (see also “Best Hotels In Lincoln Ne“). It also has a great education system, which results in a lot of families settling down here for superior schooling.

There are many popular landmarks in Omaha, including the Henry Doorly Zoo, the Old Market, and the Missouri River Bridge. The city can be covered in the space of a day, and it has a Metro bus service that runs every day of the week.

So, what if you are going to Omaha for a visit, what should you see first? How much will you have to pay to get into the museums, nightclubs, and malls?

Where can you take young children and teenagers? What is the best venue for seniors? Well, we have a rundown of some of the best things to do in Omaha.

1. Henry Doorly Zoo

If you like to experience the wonders of nature, then you can’t go wrong with this zoo that contains over 160 acres of amazing plants and animals.

Whether it is the butterfly and insect pavilion or the sea lion exhibit, there is so much to see here.

There are also lots of events happening here all year round, so make sure that you book tickets well in advance as they are usually booked up.

The Henry Doorly runs sleeping bag safaris and field trips to educate kids of many different ages.

2. Durham Museum

If you like great exhibits and fantastic architecture, then you should make sure that Durham Museum is on your checklist.

This houses some of the country’s rarest historical documents and is itself an Official National Historic Landmark.

This also comes with a café and a gift shop where you can pick up merchandise associated with the regular exhibitions. This is a great place to take people of any age.

It is also very accessible, making it an ideal visiting spot for seniors.

3. The Old Market

The Old Market is a neighborhood in downtown Omaha that is quite unlike anything else in the state. It is the location of great stores, bars, clubs, local galleries, and street vendors.

It has retained the cobbled streets, so if you fancy a trip back in time, try Old Market for the day.

There are so many stores here, including The Brownie Bar, The Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts, Harney Street Tavern, Hollywood Candy, Magical Journey Carriage Service, Passageway Gallery, and the Durham Museum (that we have mentioned above).

4. Lauritzen Gardens Omaha’s Botanical Center

If you are looking for something nice to look at as well as something to educate your brain, then this botanical center in Omaha is a great place to visit.

This has aesthetically beautiful plants that grow all year round, so no matter when you visit there’ll always be something to visit.

This comes with seasonal exhibitions such as the recycling sculpture gallery, where you can see animals of all shapes and sizes made from recyclable waste.

It also has a bonsai exhibition and a garden event that you can bring your dogs along to.

5. Joslyn Art Museum

Now we have something for the art lover, with a museum and a gallery that houses paintings and fine art from around the world. This contains over 11,000 artworks, representing everything from Titian to Claude Monet.

This also has 20th Century artworks by people like Jackson Pollock, so if you prefer something a little more contemporary, then you won’t be shortchanged.

The Joslyn Art Museum also has a sculpture garden with artworks that you can observe and interact with.

6. Omaha Children’s Museum

If you want a space where your children can learn and play at the same time, then drag them along to the Omaha Children’s Museum. This has permanent exhibits and traveling shows, so there’ll be something different to see every week.

The OCM is suitable for children who are 8 years and younger. This is ideal, as it can often be very difficult to find venues to accommodate smaller children.

This museum also has free parking and is very amenable to school field trips.

7. Charles Schwab Field Omaha

If you are a sports fan, then you’ll probably want to make a beeline for the Charles Schwab field. This is the primary playing field of the Creighton Bluejays Division 1 baseball team.

Check their website’s calendar to see when the next games are being played.

The Charles Schwab website also has information on the best hotels in the area, so you can book a room for you and your whole family to stay in.

They also do guest tours, which is great if you are looking to wander around the grounds while the seats are empty.

8. First National’s Spirit of Nebraska’s Wilderness and Pioneer Courage Park

If you like to visit local landmarks (and ideally take Instagram photos outside of them), then this simply must be a stop on your trip.

This is a small park that contains a bronze tableau of settlers, horses, oxen, and Native Americans, symbolizing the migration across the prairie to settle in the West.

This can be a brief stop on your way from one venue to another or you can have lunch and sit on one of the benches to enjoy a sunny afternoon.

There are plenty of cafes and stores in the vicinity, so don’t worry about having nothing to do.

9. Joslyn Castle

You might hear the name Joslyn cropping up again and again when you are visiting the city of Omaha. That is because this family is intimately bound up in its history.

This castle offers an in-depth tour through the timeline of this family and how they have affected the community.

With fantastic rustic furnishings and awe-inspiring rooms, there’s not much to dislike at this castle. You can also rent it for weddings, birthdays, or general photoshoots.

There are tours for the public, private tours, and tours for schools.

10. St. Cecilia’s Cathedral

If you are interested in religious architecture, then you should visit the majestic St. Cecilia’s Cathedral. This has sweeping arched columns, luminous stained-glass windows and a pure white marble high altar.

This cathedral also contains a museum, an art gallery, a childcare center, and a flower festival. If you are a senior, then you won’t have to worry about getting from A to B, as this old building has been made completely accessible.

This venue is open every day of the week.

11. General Crook House Museum

Now we have another local museum dedicated to preserving everything about General George Crook, who played a supporting role in the 1879 trial of Standing Bear vs. Crook, in which a group of Native Americans were granted civil rights under American law.

This house is full of decorations and artwork that has been restored from the time of General Crook. During the winter seasons, this house is decked out in traditional Christmas trimmings.

Crook House Museum has an admission fee and is open until 4 pm on weekdays.


We hope that our guide to the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Omaha has filled your head with ideas for what to do when you are next in this city.

If you are visiting for a short period, then you might want to plan your journey meticulously.

However, if you have settled in Omaha for an extended period of time, then visiting these places is one of the quickest ways to plug yourself into the culture and community of Omaha, allowing you to meet people who share the same interests.

Julia Wright
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