7 Amazing Places To Eat In Owasso Worth The Money

Owasso in Oklahoma is a great city known for its green hills, vegetation, and welcoming citizens.

In the Northern suburb of Tulsa you can find Owasso, while small and rural this community is growing widely and in order to feed its new and lasting citizens, there are many great places to eat here.

7 Amazing Places To Eat In Owasso Worth The Money

In this article we are going to explore the eateries of Owasso. Whether you have just moved here or are simply traveling through the city, we have recommended some of our favorite places to eat in Owasso that are worth the money and time (see also “Amazing Places To Eat In Tulsa“).

Keep reading to learn more about the eating culture in Owasso, as well as the city itself, below!

1. El Fogon Mexican Restaurant

These former Native American territories such as Owasso are the perfect place to sample Mexican inspired cuisine while also supporting these indigenous communities.

If you are looking for tacos, burritos, fajitas, El Fogon has you covered with fresh and authentic Mexican cooking.

Family run since 2006 you can be sure to get the authentic traditional gods, as well as more passionate modern innovations straight from the source.

The food is served food truck style, with drinks to boot, but is a perfect place for a sit down dinner with family in their humble but welcoming in-person restaurant.

Be sure to visit this family run business between Tuesday and Saturday, closed on Mondays and Sundays.

2. Hideaway Pizza

Hideaway Pizza is the perfect pizza chain for you to settle all your pizza urges. Having been around since 1957, serving some of Oklahoma’s best pizzas, you can be sure they have the quality you want.

Their first location was near Oklahoma State University where they sharpened their skills satisfying the students of Stitllwater as well as establishing their name as the best Pizzaiolos in the state.

They soon opened plenty of pizza restaurants all over the state of Oklahoma, and later in Arkansas, but relevant to use they also opened a joint in Owasso.

The Owasso Hideaway Pizza Restaurant is located opposite Sam’s Club, and boasts two stories for you to enjoy your favorite pizzas with friends and family. Even if you don’t want to eat in, they offer delivery as well as curbside pickup.

Yet, their two story restaurant is worth the time and money, with a full bar including craft and local beers on tap, one of the rumored best happy hours in the city (see also “Amazing Places To Eat In Norman“).

3. Smitty’s Garage Burgers And Beer

For a truly American experience, Smitty has you covered at his beer and burger garage! On their expensive menu you can treat any burger lover to a really great experience.

With lots of affordable and great burgers to choose from, there are also some more unique options such as a Sriracha Blue Cheese Burger and also some veggies options which are always good to see.

Even if burgers aren’t your thing, there is a huge amount of choice such as tacos and an extensive salad list which includes ‘lettuce cups’, as well as other classic dishes like Fish and Chips.

Beer is another thing, like Burgers, that Smitty knows well. Their drinks list has an extensive and internationally reaching list of beers that are really worth a look at if that’s your thing (see also “Amazing Things To Do In Oklahoma City“).

If it’s really your thing, we recommend trying their ‘rad hour’, Smitty’s take on a happy hour, where you can beers for super cheap and have a great day without breaking the bank too much.

4. Hapa Japanese Restaurant

Immigration in the US has brought us many beneficial things, but noticeably lots of food. Everyone loves Chinese food in the US and many have moved into wider asian cuisines such as Japanese food.

Regardless, we really recommend trying Owasso’s own Hapa, a well reviewed and authentic stop for Japanese cuisine.

While the menu remains pretty reasonably priced, as well as having a happy hour, the food, customer service, and presentation at Hapa is first class.

They really go the extra mile to present their cuisine to the citizens of Owasso. Their menu is full of authentic Japanese classics and some slightly more familiar items for those who aren’t feeling adventurous.

For first timers we recommend a sushi or sashimi sampler that is chosen by the chef, for a true experience of what is on offer at this well run restaurant.

5. Trail’s End BBQ

Opened in 1997 and still with the same pitmaster and owner, John Cash, you can expect nothing but true American BBQ from Trail’s End in Owasso.

Like their owner, Trail’s End is straight talking but soft spoken, creating American style BBQ from locally sourced ingredients and meat.

Whether you want breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Trail’s End has you covered. You can order from their a la carte menu or go big by combining different sides and dishes.

If you come hungry, you won’t be disappointed with the ‘all you can eat’ options on their menu that are really worth the value.

Around a worn but loved table in their modest restaurant, you might have to wait for a seat but the food is truly worth it. If you are in a rush for that sweet meat you can order in and collect or have it delivered too.

Another option to enjoy the pitmaster at Trail’s End is by getting them to cater your next big event – worth considering with their home style pit BBQ.

6. El Gran Coyote

If you want unapologetic Mexican food, street style, that believes in its recipes and cooking, El Gran Coyote is worth checking out.

This humble operation is run from the Battle Creek Church Parking Lot and is a food truck you won’t miss, but should smell miles away.

Their menu is simple and no nonsense which is quite refreshing these days. They simply offer Mexican dishes such as taco, burrito, quesadilla, etc, but you basically just choose the meat you want, which there is a good selection of, and they make up that dish for you.

They also do some other crowd pleasers like cheeseburgers and hot dogs as well as great desserts like churros. Personally, we would love some more vegetarian options.

As well as serving hungry church go-ers, they do deliveries and pick up, or you could even order their food truck to a location for a catering service.

They can generally be located in the Battle Creek Church Parking Lot between 10am and 9pm everyday but Sunday.

7. MAD Eats

MAD Eats, the initialism here referring to ‘modern American diner’, is the perfect place to sample some proper American cuisine that is modern.

Chef and Owner Erik Reynold is keen on offering a ‘chef-driven’ menu of diner-style food that is enjoyed in a family friendly atmosphere.

They take classic American diner classics and give them a little modern twist. They have pretty much any American dish you could imagine, perfect for adults and kids alike.

Even for date night or with some pals you can enjoy the more adult side of the restaurant, specifically their truly great selection of local and craft beers, frozen cocktails, and boozy shakes.

If you prefer the family side of the restaurant there is a really great outdoor seating area that has a bunch of games for the kids like giant Jenga and Corn-hole. A perfect day out for any family.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for authentic international cuisines such as mExican or Japanese, or just want American classics done the right way, with simple Southern comforts, you will never go without in Owasso.

Owasso has a great food culture, with many immigrant cuisines being embraced and enjoyed by Americans in the great state of Oklahoma, you can really find plenty of food in this great city, as well as views and general nature to enjoy.

No matter if you are just visiting or you are lucky enough to live in this great city, then it can really be worth sampling the great cuisine on offer in Owasso.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Owasso Known For?

Owasso is a small city in Rogers and Tulsa Counties of Oklahoma, a northern suburb of the latter state. Since their 2010 census, the city has grown in population by 32%.

While the state has a rich history due to its previous life as a settlement within what was the Cherokee Nation of Indian Territory, it became mainly a residential, commuter town in the 1950s. From 950 to 1960 the town nearly tripled in population as a result.

This said, it has now grown to be popular for its remoteness and rurality, with a huge boost in the amount of Americans moving to these rural areas, out of the city, as a result of the events of 2022.

This northeastern corner of Oklahoma termed the ‘Green Country’ is known for its prairies, hills, woods, and lakes which provide stark contrast the drier, more arid, regions of the Great Plains territory in the West

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