6 Amazing Things To Do In Key Largo Worth The Money

One of the most popular tourist destinations for people in Florida are the Florida Keys that have some of the best beaches in the country. 

6 Amazing Things To Do In Key Largo Worth The Money

There is idyllic white sand, clear water, and astounding palm trees that make it the thing of dreams for many who want to get away from it all. One of the most popular of the Florida Keys is Key Largo, and it is well known for its positive reputation.

It is also seen as the dive capital of the world with all of the snorkeling opportunities available here. There is also sunshine for most of the year, so no matter when you want to indulge in the aquatic activities, they are usually available.

However, with how much there is to do in Key Largo, it is difficult to know what is worth the time and money to do, and what should be avoided (see also “Amazing Things To Do In Marco Island“).

Because of this we have put together a list of all of our favorite spots to go in Key Largo that we think are worth the price of admission (see also “Best Hotels In Key Largo“).

And do not be worried, not all of our picks are water activity related, so if you are looking to fill up some dry days, we have some top recommendations.

One thing we want to point out before getting too deep in is that if you are planning to visit during winter, then you are going to want your accommodations booking pretty far ahead of the visit. 

This is because the hotel prices can get pretty high the closer you get, especially since a lot of them will be closed. Also, if you want to spend a lot of time snorkeling, then buy one before getting there since it will be cheaper than the rental cost!

So, if you want to have the best time possible in Key Largo, but are unsure what you are going to do, keep reading!

1. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

This park has been established and running since back in 1963 and it is well known for being the first undersea park in America!

It was originally made as a method of observing and preserving the coral reef of the island which is an issue that is only becoming more and more relevant.

If you want to come and spend some time here, you will be happy to find out that the location is right next to the National Marine Sanctuary as well, so there is plenty to do in the area.

The whole combined space these two take up is 178 nautical square miles including the reefs, the swamps, and the seagrass beds.

The park itself, as you can imagine, is named after a newspaper editor from Miami who worked hard to ensure that the Everglades National Park and this coral reef park were established to keep the land safe.

This area now has 3 swimming areas, as well as a great campground and a sandy beach too.

There is Cannon beach as well which is one of the more unique beaches on this island, and there are cannons on the beach giving it the namesake which are sourced from a shipwreck.

There is also a snorkeling tour in the area which is perfect for if you want to try out this fun hobby in some beautiful spaces.

On top of this, there are also kayaks, paddleboard, and canoes available as well giving you plenty of options on how to explore the wilderness trails. If you are lucky, you might even find a manatee!

2. Dolphin Plus Bayside

One thing everyone wants to do when they go to Key Largo is to swim with Dolphins, and one of the best spots to do this is Dolphin Bay Plus. Here you will find bottlenose dolphins in what is their natural habitat.

On top of being able to swim with the dolphins, you also get some great education about the nature of the dolphins and what they are like to swim with in the shallow water to ensure that you have all the information you need before you start swimming!

You can even head out to deeper water with the dolphins if you want to have an even more exciting experience! There are even more options for things to do with the dolphins at Dolphin Plus.

One of the unique souvenirs you can get when swimming with the dolphins is a dolphin painting which is made by them using a color palette of your choice. There is also a touch tank where you can get closer with all the marina life at the park.

It is worth pointing out that the animals featured in the touch tank are switched out seasonally, so if you want to visit again, there is a chance the animals will be different next time!

If you have always wanted to swim with dolphins, then visiting Dolphin Plus when you are in Key Largo is a must!

3. Dagny Johnson Key Largo Hammock Botanical State Park

Now, if you are looking for somewhere with some beautiful sights where you can get some absolutely amazing photos, then we have to recommend coming to this botanical state park. This spot has more than 80 protected species of both animals and plants.

This park is also found right in the middle of Key Largo, so no matter where you are coming from, it will be easy for you to find. It takes up 6 miles and it has some easy to traverse sandy trails that make exploring this lush forest worth every minute.

There is also one of the biggest sections of the West Indian tropical hardwood hammock in the US, but also has wild cotton, mahogany mistletoe, and even American crocodile too!

This spot lets you see some amazing nature that has barely been changed by humans, and it gives you an insight into what Key Largo was like in the past.

There is the Port Bougainville Trail as well which starts at the main entrance of the park, and if you go in the early morning, you will get to hear the calls of the native birds, as well as view the insects and the lizards scurry past you.

n a day with amazing weather, this is when you will see the best of this botanical garden, so we recommend visiting it when the conditions are best!

4. African Queen Canal Cruise

Now, if you are looking for a more stylish way to explore Key Largo, then you have to go out of your way to ride the African Queen Canal Cruise. This is a boat that is over 100 years old and is completely steam powered.

The boat itself is actually famous since it was featured in the movie titled African Queen all the way back in 1951.

The ship was built in England back in 1912 and was then shipped over to the Belgian Congo, where it was used to carry hunting parties, supplies, and missionaries.

Later the boat was used in the aforementioned movie, and then was brought to San Francisco where it was used in fishing charters. Then once it did this, it moved to Oregon, and then finally to Key Largo back in 1982.

Then it was refurbished, and then used as the tourist boat it is today. The boat is usually docked at Marina Del Mar, and you can visit to get an hour and a half sightseeing cruise through the canals.

If you love sightseeing, but want a unique way to do it, then this is something that you will have to try when in Key Largo.

5. Jacobs Aquatic Center

This spot is in the community park of Key Largo, and it features 3 pools. It is a great place to go if you want to have some fun away from sand and saltwater, but still want to have some good times swimming.

There is a lap pool, as well as a ramp accessible pool, as well as a play pool. The play pool has a pirate ship, a beachfront entry, and a spray gym, as well.

You can get individual passes if you are with a small group, but the larger the group, the more you save with the family passes available.

6. Spiegel Grove Wreck

This is the wreckage of the USS Spiegel Grove which was a 50s Naval Ship that sank in 2002. It is also home to the largest artificial reef, so if you are looking for some history or biology lessons, then this is a great place to check out!


Hopefully this guide has given you some ideas of what you can do when you are in Key Largo! There are plenty of other things to do, however, the ideas we have highlighted here are some of our favorites, and the money they cost is well worth it (see also “Amazing Things To Do In Kissimmee“).

It is worth keeping in mind that the cost of certain activities can vary depending on the season, so make sure to budget properly before committing to doing any of these attractions!

Julia Wright
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