5 Amazing Things To Do In Cocoa Beach Worth The Money

Cocoa Beach can be found in Brevard County, Florida, USA, and can be found just south of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and the Kennedy Space Center.

5 Amazing Things To Do In Cocoa Beach Worth The Money

Cocoa Beach is one of the most attractive places in Florida to visit, and here, you’ll find an abundance of exciting activities for the whole family. There’s really something for everyone, from exciting city breaks to more quiet, rural retreats.

So, whether you’re tightening your purse strings or willing to splash the cash, stick with us to take a closer look at five of the best activities to do in Cocoa Beach today.

1. Brevard Zoo

  • 8225 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne, FL 32940, USA

First on our list is Brevard Zoo. Brevard Zoo is filled to the brim with stunning open-air habitats, and here, you can see a massive 900+ animals from all over the world!

A few of the zoo’s most popular exhibits include the White Rhino Exhibit, Kangaroo Area, and Komodo Dragon Exhibit. This 75-acre nonprofit facility has a little something for everyone to enjoy.

You’ll even have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some truly awe-inspiring animals, including rhinos, lorikeets, and giraffes!

If you’re itching to get out on the water, you’ll even be able to kayak your way through parts of the enclosure and see some of these beautiful animals for yourself along the way. What’s not to love!?

The Brevard Zoo also hosts a truly impressive Treetop Trek (open for limited times throughout the year), and you’ll be able to zipline your way through a variety of stunning courses, suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

These stunning courses sour anywhere between 600 feet above the beautiful wetlands and enclosures throughout the zoo, giving you the opportunity to see the sights from a totally new perspective!

If you really want to challenge yourself, you can even add in a few obstacles to your course, including swinging ropes, monkey bars, suspended bridges, climbing walls, and much more!

If you’re not a member of the Brevard Zoo, you can buy your tickets online in advance, however, if you purchase your tickets onsite, you may be subject to an additional surcharge.

2. Cocoa Beach Kayaking Tour

  • Cocoa Beach, Florida 32931, USA

Ready to get out in nature? Why not take part in the Cocoa Beach Kayaking Tour? The Cocoa Beach Kayaking Tour is a truly unique way to see some of the best sights at Cocoa Beach, and best of all, you won’t need any kayaking experience to take part!

You’ll slowly kayak your way through the sights of Cocoa Beach at a leisurely pace, and explore the waters of the canals and islands.

Before you set off on the open water, you’ll be given detailed instructions and safety advice so you can face your trip with confidence.

You’ll even be able to choose a guided tour through the islands of Cocoa Beach, and get to see some truly unique views of the Indian River Lagoon, one of the most biodiverse estuaries in North America, where you can see a staggering 4500 species of plants and animals!

If you take a guided kayaking tour, you’ll get to learn plenty about the unique animals that are native the Indian River Lagoon, including Florida manatees, bottlenose dolphins, and a vast number of both native and migratory birds.

Each kayaking tour will last between 1-2 hours, and all-inclusive! These kayaking tours will cost roughly $35 per person for a day tour, but you can also take an evening tour for $40 per person.

If you’re a first responder (active or retired), you’ll receive a $5 discount on your ticket to thank you for your service. Cocoa Beach Kayaking Tours are a truly unique experience, and one you’ll remember for years to come.

3. Brevard Museum Of History And Natural Science

  • 2201 Michigan Avenue, Cocoa, Florida

When you visit Cocoa Beach, don’t forget to take a trip back in time with a visit to the Brevard Museum of History and Natural Science.

The Brevard Museum of History and Natural Sciences is home to a stunning collection of unique exhibits, including the Windover Archeological Site, The Giant Ground Sloth Exhibit, the Indian River Citrus, the Apollo Landing and Beyond, and Flagler’s Railroad. 

If you’re keen to learn more about the history of Cocoa Beach and Florida, this museum is the place to be. Brevard Museum exhibits explore both local and state history, and cover a broad range of periods including the Ice Age and the Space Age.

The Brevard Museum of History and Natural Science sits on a beautiful 22-acre nature preserve that has a collection of beautiful trails that wind their way through some of Florida’s most beautiful ecosystems.

One of the museum’s most visited attractions is “The People of Windover” exhibit, which has been recently expanded to showcase a collection of real artificats used by the residents between 7,000 – 8,000 years ago.

Many of the exhibits also benefit from interactive technology to enhance your experience! Ticket prices may vary depending on age, and regular admission is around $9.

Don’t forget to stop by the Brevard Museum of History and Natural Science when you visit Cocoa Beach for a trip to remember!

4. Cocoa Beach Golf Course

  • 5000 Tom Warriner Blvd, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931, USA

Golfers, we’ve got you covered. Cocoa Beach is also home to the beautiful Cocoa Beach Golf Course is comprised of three beautiful golf courses, and each course features around 27 holes and between 41-50 sand bunkers per course.

The Cocoa Beach Golf Course is really the place to get your gold on with a view. This golf course, located at Cocoa Beach Country Club, can be found on a peninsula surrounded by the beautiful Banana River Lagoon – and you may even spot a few alligators on the way!

The Banana River has an impressive seventeen lakes that are also home to an abundance of waterfowl and other birds, which are also a pretty big attraction for the course golfers!

Although it’s a pretty big course, you’ll find it easy to work your way around. Each hole is marked by a tee sign which also indicates what wildlife you can expect to see in the area, and you may even spot a few turtles!

The Cocoa Beach Golf Course also has its own driving range and cart and club rentals, so don’t worry if you have no equipment to hand – it’s all provided! Unlike some golf courses, though, this one has a dress code – so no tank tops or cutoffs are allowed.

Course rates may vary between $18 to $40, depending on golfing time and what holes you’re playing. Either way, this is one course that gives you the most bang for your buck, and if you love golf, you won’t want to miss it!

5. Canaveral’s Exploration Tower And Lighthouse

  • Port Canaveral, Cape Canaveral FL 32920

Last but not least, we have Canveral’s Exploration Tower and Lighthouse. This beautiful exploration tower can be found on the East Coast of Florida in Port Canaveral, and it’s celebrated as one of the most stunning architectural landmarks in the area.

It’s a fun, educational trip for the whole family! The exploration tower is home to an impressive seven floors of interactive exhibits and plenty of indoor and outdoor observation decks, where you’ll be able to see the beauty both inside and outside the tower.

There’s a staggering 5,550 feet of exhibit space for you to explore, including a gift shop, cafe, and exhibit space, making this the perfect place to spend a few hours on your Cocoa Beach adventure!

There’s also plenty more to explore around Port Canaveral including beaches, parks, boating spots, and even camping locations. So, if you find yourself a little bit in love with the area, you can extend your trip to just a few of the beautiful spots around the tower!

Some of the exhibits include sculptures of marine life made from recycled materials, a 72-seat theatre that plays a unique movie about the history and key events of the harbor, large interactive maps, and an indoor observation level that faces the Kennedy Space Center!

Canaveral Tower and Lighthouse and the beautiful areas that surround it are well worth a visit on your trip to Cocoa Beach (see also “Amazing Things To Do In South Beach Miami“). We can’t recommend it enough!

The Bottom Line

Cocoa Beach is one of the most beautiful spots in Florida. No matter how long you’re staying for or what you’re looking for, you’ll find it all here at Cocoa Beach! This attractive resort has something to suit almost every budget.

Although we’ve offered you just a quick glimpse at a few of the attractions on offer, you’ll find plenty more in and around the local area. So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of your trip with a visit to any of these five stunning attractions!

Julia Wright
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