10 Amazing Things To Do In Tulsa Worth The Money

Tulsa is a wonderful city that can be found in Oklahoma along the Arkansas River. There is so much to see and do in Tulsa, so if you have never been before, it can be quite overwhelming working out where to start first! 

There really is something for everyone to enjoy in Tulsa, so even if you have never been before, you won’t have any issues finding the perfect activities and attractions to visit.

10 Amazing Things To Do In Tulsa Worth The Money

Tulsa has an especially great selection of art-based things and outdoor activities, which makes it the perfect place to spend the day with your family and friends. 

If you are visiting Tulsa soon and you are looking for some inspiration on what to do, then you have come to the right place!

We have put together a list of 10 absolutely amazing things to do in Tulsa that are definitely worth the money (see also “Amazing Places To Eat In Tulsa“)! Read on to find out more about these activities and locations!  

Tulsa is especially known for its plethora of Art Deco buildings which makes it an incredibly unique and picturesque place to visit.

It is a very arts-based city, but it also takes pride in its many outdoor activities, so you should have no issues in finding the perfect activity to keep you busy. 

There are so many things to do in Tulsa, so read on to find out a bit more about 10 absolutely amazing things to do there (see also “Amazing Things To Do In Broken Bow Ok Worth The Money“)! 

1. Mother Road Market

When you find yourself in Tulsa, you simply can’t leave without visiting the Mother Road Market. You will find the market on Route 66 and it is the first-ever food hall in all of Oklahoma!

There are over 20 restaurants and shops located at Mother Road Market and you will find plenty of pop-up events to enjoy here. 

Some of the other activities you can take part in at the Mother Road Market include live music, cooking classes and so much more! 

You can quite easily spend all day at Mother Road Market and it’s a great place to visit if you want an authentic Tulsa experience. 

2. The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place can be found right on the banks of the Arkansas River, and it is home to a 66.5-acre park. The park is full of fun outdoor activities that you and your whole family can enjoy. 

There are plenty of art installations for you to check out as well as kid-friendly museums, amazing playgrounds, scenic trails, and lots of dining outlets for you to go and grab a bite to eat at. 

The Gathering Place is also home to lots of sporting activities, some of which include a skate park, BMX pump tracks, and lots of basketball and volleyball courts (see also “How To Go Bouldering In NYC“).

The Gathering Place is incredibly scenic and it’s the perfect place to visit if you want to spend a good chunk of your day outdoors. 

3. Philbrook Museum of Art 

As previously mentioned, Tulsa is a fantastic place to visit if you want to be surrounded by art, and there are plenty of art museums for you to go and explore.

Philbrook Museum of Art is arguably the best of the best, so if you find yourself in the city, you definitely need to visit! 

The museum is home to over 72 rooms in the mansion and 25 acres of gardens for you to enjoy. The exhibits that are available to view change throughout the year, so there is always something fresh and interesting for you to see. 

You can also choose between exploring the museum by yourself or you can book one of the many docent-led tours which will give you in-depth insights and information into both the gardens and the art. 

4. Blue Dome Entertainment District

The Blue Dome Entertainment District can be found really close to Route 66. The district was named after the iconic blue-domed 1920s gas station that can be found there. 

This spot is the perfect place to visit if you are a fan of architecture and history, but there are plenty of other things for you to enjoy besides the gas station itself.

The Blue Dome Entertainment District spans over nine blocks and you will find some of Tulsa’s very best shops and galleries here. 

You can also find plenty of restaurants in the district so you can grab a bite to eat once you have finished exploring. 

5. Tulsa Botanic Garden

The Tulsa Botanic Garden is one of the best places in Tulsa to visit when you want to spend the day in nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Botanic Garden is super relaxing and it spans over 170 acres of land. 

What makes this location even better is that it’s only a 15-minute drive from downtown Tulsa, so it’s super easy to get to, and when you are there you will feel like you are millions of miles away from the city. 

The Tulsa Botanic Garden is also home to a seven-acre lake which is incredibly picturesque and it’s the perfect place to take a short hike.

There is plenty of flora and fauna for you to spot on your walk as well and you will feel incredibly relaxed the whole time! 

6. First Friday Art Crawl

This next attraction is only available on the first Friday of every month, so if you find yourself in Tulsa at that time, you should definitely check out the First Friday Art Crawl. 

The First Friday Art Crawl is home to plenty of studios, galleries, and even museums that open their doors to the public with the goal of showing off as much art as they can.

Some of them even offer free admission or discounted prices, but even the full-price locations are worth the money (see also “Amazing Places To Eat In Owasso“). 

The thing that makes the First Friday Art Crawl special is the fact that it’s a late-night event that usually happens between 6 pm and 9 pm.

Every location that is a part of this event has extended hours and is usually open quite late, and it’s the perfect event to attend if you love art and want to do something a bit different at night. 

7. Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area

Just a 10-minute drive outside of downtown Tulsa, you will find the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area. This is a fantastic location to visit if you want to get out in nature and immerse yourself in the joys of hiking. 

In this location, there are over 300 acres of land for you to explore and those acres stretch along the Arkansas River.

The hiking trails range in difficulty, so there is something for everyone, and you can go for casual strolls with the family or go on a more difficult hike if you fancy the challenge. 

If you do visit Turkey Mountain, make sure you take a hike to the summit if you have the time because the views are incredible! 

8. Tulsa’s Farmers Market

Visiting local farmers markets is always a relaxing and fun experience, and Tulsa’s Farmers Market is really something special.

You can find the farmers market at Kendall-Whittier Square and it is open every Saturday from April to December and every other Saturday between January to March. 

You will find lots of different kinds of fresh and locally grown produce at Tulsa’s Farmers Market and most of it you won’t find anywhere else! 

9. The Historic Greenwood District

If you are going to visit Tulsa, you can’t leave without checking out the Historic Greenwood District. This is the site of the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921, which saw 35 blocks of homes and businesses in the area burned and destroyed. 

While it does have quite a grim history, visiting the Historic Greenwood District will really help you understand the history of the area a bit better.

You can check out the Greenwood Cultural Center and the Greenwood Rising Museum while you are there, but there are also plenty of guided tours in the neighborhood if you want to learn even more about the history. 

10. The ‘Center of the Universe’

When you first arrive at this landmark near the Woody Guthrie Center in the Tulsa Arts District, it won’t seem like much, but this is one of the most unique and quirky things to check out in the whole city. 

To experience this landmark properly, you simply need to stand in the middle of the brick circle and make a sound. The sound will echo all around you and the echo will sound louder than when you first made it!

The sound also sounds a bit muted to anyone who stands on the edge of the circle, which just makes it stranger! 


There are plenty of things for you to see and do in Tulsa, and the options we have included on this list are definitely some of the best. 

If you really want an immersive Tulsa experience, try some of these things out when you visit!

Julia Wright
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