15 Amazing Things To Do In Spokane Worth The Money

Spokane is a beautiful city located in eastern Washington. This city offers breathtaking scenery and a friendly community.

It is the perfect balance between spots of natural beauty and plenty of urban activities for visitors to try.

15 Amazing Things To Do In Spokane Worth The Money

If you are planning a trip to Spokane, here are 15 sensational things to do during your visit. 

1. Manito Park

Manito Park is a beautiful botanical garden in Spokane. Filled with numerous scenic gardens, Manito Park is an expansive 90-acre that is bursting with phenomenal plants. This includes Duncan Garden, a 30-acre garden with a superb symmetrical design. 

In the park, you can try a variety of fun activities, such as bird watching, baseball, and parkour. These activities make this an enjoyable destination for the entire family.

This public park is free to enter, making it a good choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly activity. 

2. Martin Woldson Theater At The Fox

For people with a passion for music and the theatre, it is worth visiting the Fox Theatre. First opened in 1931, this theatre provides stunning Art Deco architecture. The Spokane Symphony, a 70-piece orchestra, resides in this gorgeous theatre. 

The Fox Theatre hosts a plethora of different extraordinary events, including live music, comedy, concerts, and family events. It’s worth checking out what events are being hosted during your time in Spokane. 

During your time in the Fox Theatre, be sure to check out the distinctive architecture, including the sunburst chandelier atop the stage.

3. Avista Stadium

Home to the Spokane Indians, Avista Stadium is a popular baseball stadium in the city. Opened in 1958, Avista Stadium is the perfect attraction for sports fans. 

If you love baseball, why not check out a game at the Avista Stadium? During your visit, you can also grab a bite to eat. 

4. Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park is a charming urban trail where you can participate in lots of fun activities, including biking. Surrounding Spokane River, this delightful park is a calming spot that blends urban and rural environments. 

This downtown park allows you to find a tranquil location that is close to the center of the city. In addition, the park has lots of space for activities and an ample picnic area. This makes Riverfront Park an extraordinary destination for families.

5. Barrister Winery

If you are looking for some adult-friendly activities, Barrister Winery is a must-visit attraction in Spokane. This historic winery offers daily tastings. For instance, you can taste the winery’s award-winning red wine. 

On Wednesday and Friday evenings, the winery hosts regular live music nights. This will allow you to experience unique music as you enjoy a delicious alcoholic beverage.

These music nights often showcase local talent, which will give you a great taste of what Spokane has to offer.

Barrister Winery also acts as an art gallery, proudly displaying local art on its brick walls. 

6. Mobius Discovery Center

On the other hand, if you want to drive into some kid-friendly activities, we advise visiting the Mobius Discovery Center. This center is designed to inspire kids and encourage their scientific curiosity. 

The Mobius Discovery Center focuses on STEAM learning, which can be achieved through fun playtime and interactive exhibits. Be sure to check out enjoyable attractions like Bottle Rockets, Super Dig, and Water Table.

You can even see a range of reptiles in the Animals section.

As a non-profit organization, the admission prices of this Spokane attraction are low. You can even enter the Mobius Discovery Center for free if you have a membership. 

7. Campbell House

Ideal for people with an interest in history, Campbell House is a historic house that dates back to the 1900s. Today, the house has been transformed into a museum, allowing guests to experience the lifestyle of people living at this time.

Entry to Campbell House is included in a ticket for the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. When entering the house, you can take self-guided tours around this beautiful home. 

Careful restoration efforts have gone into preserving Campbell House so that it is practically unchanged from its creation. 

8. John A. Finch Arboretum

Located in West Hills, the John A. Finch Arboretum is a gorgeous botanical collection of trees. This arboretum will look especially alluring during the fall, as the trees develop stunning warm hues.

The orange and yellow leaves will gently cascade to the ground, which allows you to take some breathtaking photographs.

You can find a peaceful creek in this arboretum, next to which is the ideal spot for a picnic. During your trip, check out the range of lilacs, conifers, and rhododendrons.

9. Spokane Falls

Few places are more picturesque than Spokane Falls. Located on the Spokane River, this is a wondrous place to witness the stream, which creates a breathtaking waterfall. 

Spokane Falls can be accessed from the central business district of Spokane. As a result, this area provides a pleasant rural respite from the busy hustle and bustle of the city. 

Perhaps the highlight of this destination is the Monroe Street Dam, from which you can witness spectacular views of the Lower Falls.

10. River Park Square

If you want to splash some cash during your trip to Spokane, we advise visiting River Park Square. This shopping mall is loaded with sensational shops, entertainment, and restaurants. Consequently, you can spend hours in this mall.

Found in the heart of the city, River Park Square is a convenient place to visit. It is located near Spokane Falls, allowing you to visit both destinations on the same day.

The mall even contains an AMC Theatre, in which you can immerse yourself in a magnificent movie. First opened in 1974, River Park Square is an important part of Spokane’s history. 

11. The Cathedral Of St. John The Evangelist

Founded in 1929, St. John’s Cathedral is a structure with breathtaking architecture. The cathedral is nestled in the Rockwood neighborhood of Spokane. 

The cathedral offers outstanding architecture, such as tall ceilings and beautiful stained glass windows. You may also wish to visit the Bishop Cross Tower.

Perhaps the best way of exploring the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist is through guided tours, which are often held on Fridays.

These tours, which enable you to experience the majesty of the cathedral, will take approximately 45 minutes. Alternatively, you can attend one of the many services hosted at the cathedral.

12. Mount Spokane

If you want to get involved in some exercise during your visit to Spokane, it may be worth taking a hike up the stunning Mount Spokane.

The marvelous Mount Spokane is roughly 1,794 meters tall. It has been famously nicknamed Mount Baldy thanks to its bald spot.

The trial offers sensational sights. It is surrounded by the magnificent Mount Spokane State Park, which is also worth checking out.

There is also a ski and snowboard atop the mountain. The Mount Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park is a non-profit organization that allows you to participate in a range of exhilarating sporting activities. 

13. Gaiser Conservatory

Spokane’s Gaiser Conservatory is a scenic garden found within Manito Park. The gorgeous greenhouse is filled with a range of blooming exotic flowers, which come in a plethora of vibrant hues.

The Gaiser Conservatory is a great place to visit if you have a passion for plant life. A relaxing walk through the greenhouse will allow you to encounter the diverse tropical plants, during which you can take picturesque photos.

This destination has free admission, making it a worthwhile addition to your itinerary.  

14. Northwest Museum Of Arts & Culture

Do you have a passion for art and culture? If so, it is worth checking out the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture during your visit to Spokane. Established in 1916, this museum is linked to the Smithsonian Institution.

The museum is open between Tuesday and Sunday. It is also home to a Mac Cafe where you can grab tasty snacks and a museum store where you can purchase a range of souvenirs. 

Be sure to check the museum website for details about the excellent exhibitions, as the curators are continuously adding to the collection. 

15. Nishinomiya Tsutakawa Japanese Garden

Last but not least, Nishinomiya Tsutakawa Japanese Garden is a garden within Manito Park. Yet, this garden has earned a separate placement on this list because of its distinctive Japanese-inspired aesthetic. 

This tranquil garden was built to honor the Japanese city of Nishinomiya, the sister city of Spokane. Designed by Nagao Sakurai, the Nishinomiya Tsutakawa Japanese Garden was finished in 1974.

The Japanese garden is a peaceful place to relax. The beautifully maintained garden is blooming with gorgeous flowers, brilliant bridges, and an incredible koi pond.

If you are searching for a vibrant place to relax, the Japanese Garden is the ideal destination for you.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning a trip to Spokane, Washington, it is recommended that you visit these attractions.

There is something for everyone on this list, from fun sporting venues to beautiful parks in which you can take stunning photos that are worth sharing on social media.

Julia Wright
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