8 Amazing Things To Do In South Beach Miami Worth The Money

South Beach has a strong reputation for being one of the best tourist spots in Miami, and this is for a reason.

This area has a lot of soul, and has more aspects than you would initially imagine.

8 Amazing Things To Do In South Beach Miami Worth The Money

There is also a reputation this area has for only being worth a visit if you are young and interested in partying, and while there is definitely enough to entertain this crowd, this is not the only demographic that should visit South Beach.

This neighbourhood has plenty to attract all kinds of visitors, with some amazing architecture, unique shopping experiences, and plenty of history.

There are also plenty of great spots to get some delicious food and drinks as well. If you are interested in art as well, then the pieces you get to see here are well worth the journey wherever you are coming from.

So, if you are planning a trip to Miami, and want to know if it is worth going out of your way to South Beach, then the chances are, yes, you should visit (see also “Amazing Things To Do In South Florida Worth The Money“).

But this guide has put together some of the top recommendations of things to do in South Beach so you have some great ideas for what to try if you visit (see also “Amazing Things To Do In Fort Walton Beach Worth The Money“).

No matter what your budget is, or how much time you have to spare, we have some great ideas on what you can do to have a fulfilling trip to South Beach Miami (see also “How Far Is Miami From Orlando?“)!

1. The Bass

Now, if you have heard of The Bass, but you have written it off because of how small it is, then you are making a huge mistake.

This is one of the best museums in the area, and it is well worth going out of your way for, and if you are already in the area, and especially if you are an art enthusiast, then you will be missing out massively if you skip over this spot.

The Bass is well known for being one of the best spots for appreciating contemporary art in the country, and there are plenty of amazing collections, as well as traveling exhibitions kept here too.

There is also public art that can be found in the lawn of the museum. There is so much art to see here that you are sure to find something you love as well.

If you want somewhere to grab a drink nearby, then we also have to recommend Sweet Libertys since it is really close, and if you manage to visit during happy hour (well happy 4 hours with it usually being between 4 and 8pm) then you can get some great deals on drinks in a pretty expensive area otherwise.

2. Botanical Garden

Now if you want to appreciate some amazing nature in South Beach, then one spot we have to recommend is going to the Miami Beach Botanical Garden that is located in South Beach (see also “Amazing Things To Do In Miami Beach“).

This botanical garden is over 50 years old, however, it got updated in 2011 and now looks a lot better than it used to with a much more modern look.

It covers 2.6 acres making it worth exploring, and it is now a bustling tourist spot, but still has a lovely and calming atmosphere. There are plenty of different events that take place here, so even if you are local, there are reasons to come back.

Some of these events include, yoga classes, as well as meditation leadings, on top of orchid exchanges, and horticultural seminars as well.

There are also live music events that tend to take place over the weekend, so keep an eye out for these. There is a wide variety of different plant life kept there of course that is well worth looking through.

This includes; palms, cycads, bromeliads, and even the Japanese garden which has a wetland, and mangrove too.

There is plenty to do here and the botanical gardens can take up a whole day, so make sure to plan time for it if you want to have a good exploration.

3. Goodtime Hotel

This hotel is a combined effort of well known musician Pharrel Williams and popular nightlife entrepreneur David Grutman, and they created the Goodtime hotel.

The spot has a pastel look and is designed to be a real version of the hotel that featured in one of Wes Anderson’s famous movies.

The spot has so many different areas that are perfect for photographing, so if you are looking to take some amazing pictures, then we have to recommend stopping by.

As well as the beautiful hotel itself, there is also Strawberry Moon which is the restaurant and club that is attached to the hotel.

There are some amazing pool parties hosted here, and it is generally a really fun time to come out of your way to experience!

4. Mac’s Club Deuce

This spot was a favorite for the late travel journalist and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, and this spot has a character that perfectly matches South Beach. The spot has an eclectic feel that is full of authentic energy.

The atmosphere here is something that any fan of retro feel bars has to experience, so make sure to check it out, especially during their happy hour that runs all the way from 8am to 5pm.

5. Sunset Harbour

Now, if you are looking for something a little quieter, with a more chill atmosphere, then we have to recommend coming to Sunset Harbour.

His spot is overlooking the beautiful Intracoastal Waterway, and it is less of a tourist spot, and is more well known to locals and only tourists who know about it.

This spot can easily be described as charming, and it has some of the best restaurants in South Beach.

There are also plenty of chill water activities you can indulge in like kayaking and paddle boarding, and you can even rent a scooter to make getting around Sunset Harbour even more fun.

One of our favorite spots to get food when in Sunset harbor is Stiltsville Fish Bar which has some of the best seafood in the city, and if you are looking for some amazing coffee, then we have to recommend Panther.

6. Lincoln Road Mall

If you are looking for somewhere to take advantage of the shopping in South Beach, then we have to recommend Lincoln Road Mall.

This spot is well known for how massive the mall is with everything you could want in one pretty condensed area. But it is also well known for being one of the first pedestrian malls, not being confined to one building.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that this is one of the more well known tourist spots in South Beach, so if you are looking for something hidden and out of the way, that is not what you are going to find here (see also “Amazing Things To Do In Vero Beach“).

However, if you want a completely different atmosphere from the usual Lincoln Road Mall experience, then visit on a Sunday morning to see the best of the weekly farmers market!

7. South Pointe Park

This park is at the southernmost point of South Beach and there are some beautiful waterfront views.

If you are looking for some green space to go and relax in, then this has to be at the top of the list. You get some amazing sights looking out into the water with plenty of cruise ships passing by. If you want somewhere to go for a picnic, then this is the place to do it.

There is also Joe’s Take Away nearby which is a market style spot where you can get some of the best seafood around, with the crab being something everyone should try!

8. New World Center

If you are a fan of music, then you have to come to the New World Center that is well known for being home to the only full time orchestral academy, not just in the state, but in the country.

This means that there are concerts being put on regularly which are a joy to experience yourself.

If you are looking for something a little more relaxed however, then we recommend the SoundScape park that is just nearby which regularly hosts outdoor concerts and movies.

This makes it a perfect spot for an entertaining picnic, no matter the time of day. For a spot which hosts orchestras, the vibe is not as uptight as you would imagine, and there is plenty here for everyone to enjoy!


Hopefully this guide has given you some ideas for what to do in South Beach next time that you visit! There is plenty to try here, and no matter what you are interested in, you should be able to find something that will pique your interest!

If you are travelling in a group, make sure to keep in mind what everyone will want to do so you are not dragging people somewhere that they will not be interested in, and try to pick activities that everyone will enjoy.

There is plenty to do in South Beach, so it is a perfect place for everyone to enjoy if they know what they are looking for!

Julia Wright
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