5 Amazing Things To Do In Hilo Worth The Money

If you are planning a last minute trip to Hawaii and you want to make sure that the trip is as memorable as can be, then you’re going to want to make sure that you take notes!

This guide is going to be providing you with the lowdown on all the best activities and things to do in Hilo that will be absolutely worth the money.

5 Amazing Things To Do In Hilo Worth The Money

Along the way, we’ll also be sharing some options that you can do that won’t cost a dime, too. You know what to do – just read on!

1. Volcanoes National Park

One of the best things that you can do during your time in Hilo is to visit the Volcanoes National Park!

Even though national parks can often seem a little stressful or overwhelming (especially during peak times of the year when tourism is booming) the great thing about the Volcanoes National Park is that you’ll be able to book in advance to escape the crowds.

After you have taken the time to go ahead and book, you will then be given a designated tour guide who will take you on a tour of the park as soon as you arrive.

When the tour begins, you will start by exploring the beautiful “popular spots’ ‘ of Hilo’s National Park, including the Queen Liliuokalani Gardens, the Wailuku River Statue Park and, of course, the stunning Rainbow Falls.

After that, you will then head over to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where you will be able to enjoy a great variety of stunning views including the Kilauea Volcano rim, the lava tubes, the Chain of Craters Drive and so much more.

If you’re super lucky during your visit to the Volcanoes National Park, you might even have the chance to view some active law flows! Impressive or what?

If you are interested in experiencing this tour during your stay in Hilo, the tour itself will go for approximately 5 and a half hours, and the total price will include the transportation services provided by the company, bottled water throughout the tour, as well as the guide that will accompany you throughout the entire tour.

If you’re looking for a fun day out for all the family or you simply want to take in the natural beauty of Hilo, this tour is absolutely worth it.

2. Hamakua Coast Ziplining

Are you in the mood for an adrenaline rush? If you are, then you’ll be making the right choice to pay a visit to the ziplining center on the Hamakua Coast!

Just like the name suggests, this awesome experience will allow you to go ziplining across the treetops and waterfalls of the stunning Hamakua Coast! 

The best part about this experience is that no experience is required, which means that anyone can enjoy taking in the beauty of the Hamakua Coast from a birds eye view.

Plus, for your complete peace of mind, you will be provided with all of the necessary safety information and basic training needed to ensure a safe and enjoyable ziplining experience – regardless of whether you’ve been ziplining around for years if you’re a complete beginner.

3. Enjoy A Helicopter Tour Over The Volcanoes National Park

Are you someone that loves heights? If you are, then we think that you should consider taking a trip over the stunning Volcanoes National Park via a daring helicopter ride!

While this certainly might not be the best option for those who are scared of heights or have small children, if you’re going to be visiting Hilo with your loved one (or you’re simply in the mood for a thrill) then the helicopter tour is certainly worth making the investment in.

This awesome helicopter ride will take you on a journey over the treetops of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (see also “Awesome Surf Camps In Hawaii“).

During the journey, you will have the opportunity to view all of the National Parks’ stunning scenery from an unobstructed view, all while enjoying a thrilling helicopter ride that is sure to set pulse’s racing!

If that sounds good to you,  you’ll set off directly from Hilo Airport, before then flying directly to the park to enjoy a birds eye view of it.

Along with being able to enjoy a great deal of stunning natural scenery, you’ll also be able to enjoy some awesome lava flows…if you’re lucky!

All in all, if you want to enjoy some stunning views of the Volcanoes National Park all while having the chance to enjoy an exciting helicopter ride, trust us when we say that you aren’t going to regret this excursion!

4. Go Hiking With Arnott’s Lodge And Hiking Adventures

If you’ve got enough space in your suitcase for a pair of hiking boots, then we highly recommend that you consider booking a hike with Arnott’s Lodge and Hiking Adventures!

This popular hiking company is located just 4 miles from Hilo, so it’s certainly worth paying a visit to if you are someone that enjoys hiking…or simply wants to take in the joy of Hawaii’s natural beauty.

Not only are they located relatively close to the center of Hilo, but Arnott’s Lodge and Hiking Adventures are deemed to be one of the best tourist destinations in all of Hawaii, not just in Hilo.

Ideal for families, friendship groups and couples, Arnott’s Lodge and Hiking Adventures offers visitors thrilling excursions all throughout some of the most beautiful, untouched and scenic areas of Hilo thanks to their vast range of tours that they have to offer.

5. Take A Trip To Akaka Falls

By now, we’re sure that you’ll agree with us when we say that Hawaii is full to the brim with stunning, natural beauty (see also “What To Pack For Hawaii“).

In particular, the gorgeous Akaka Falls stand out because they are located just 11 miles from the northeastern Hilo Coast, and are known as being one of the greatest natural treasures in Hawaii. 

One of the biggest benefits of visiting Akaka Falls is that you won’t have to worry about parting ways with any money, because it’s totally free to visit!

If you’re interested in paying a visit to Akaka Falls, you’ll be able to enjoy a self-guided tour throughout the 0.4 mile hike, where you will then be able to enjoy a vast array of tropical forests, bamboo groves, wild orchids, draping germs and more.

Top Tip: If you are planning on taking a visit to Akaka Falls during your trip to Hilo, we highly recommend that you consider paying a visit to Akaka Falls early in the morning so that you can enjoy the sunrise!

Trust us, you won’t regret it…and you won’t have to pay a dime!

The Bottom Line

There we have it! You’ve made it to the end of the guide.

After taking the time to read through this article, we hope that we have been able to give you a much better idea about all of the things that you can do while in Hilo that are worth the money (see also “Amazing Things To Do In Waikiki“).

Thanks for taking the time to read through this guide, and we hope that you have a wonderful trip! Bye for now.

Julia Wright
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