15 Amazing Places To Eat In Oahu Worth The Money

There’s so much drawing visitors to Oahu, from the lush green valleys to the glittering blue seas and the soft sand beaches. But undoubtedly one of the best reasons for exploring the island is the wealth of incredible places to eat.

Oahu is alive with diverse cultures and full of fresh ingredients. Of course the food culture is good!

15 Amazing Places To Eat In Oahu Worth The Money

Alongside the family-style cafes and the budget-friendly food trucks is a cornucopia of amazing restaurants. These might not be good for your wallet, but they really are good for the soul!

In this guide, we’ve found 15 of the best places to eat in Oahu worth the money (see also “Amazing Places To Eat In Waikiki“). This food is so amazing you won’t care about the cost! Read on to discover what Oahu has to offer. 

1. Monkeypod Kitchen

Enjoy a laid-back atmosphere and a quirky charm at Monkeypod Kitchen, a restaurant that supports local farming and organic ingredients.

The food is exceptional and the drinks are possibly even better. Make sure to try one of Monkeypod’s signature Mai Tais. 

The local fish is delicious, but the star is the kiawe oven pizzas. Avoid overindulging with the entree so you can enjoy a Monkeypod dessert — and kickback with another cocktail and the sounds of local live music.

2. Helena’s Hawaiian Food

A long-time favorite of both locals and tourists, Helena’s Hawaiian Foods is a little taste of Hawaiian home cookery. The best thing on the menu is the kalua pig, which you can enjoy in a no-frills kitchen infused with aloha attitude.

You need to bring a big appetite if you’re dining at Helena’s Hawaiian Food.

Single items are relatively inexpensive, but you’ll want to pile as much onto your plate as possible, so the bill can add up! It’s worth it, however, for the kind of stick-to-your-ribs food that Hawaii is known for.

3. Mahina And Sun’s

Inspired by the islands of Hawaii, Mahina and Sun’s is a restaurant that celebrates local and sustainable ingredients. The dinner menu is small but perfectly formed, focusing primarily on fish. 

Hawaii is home to some excellent fresh fish and you can find it at its best with Mahina and Sun’s.

The vibe is a combination of modern sleek and Hawaiian aloha — it’s a great place to bring your friends. For the best of the menu, order the Mahina Family Feast.

The price changes with the fish, but it’s always worth the cost.

4. Beachhouse At The Moana

Beachhouse at the Moana is the kind of restaurant you want to linger at. Located in the Moana Surfrider resort, it’s a beachfront restaurant with spectacular panoramic views and a subtly romantic atmosphere. 

You’ll need a reservation if you want to dine at the Beachhouse, so plan ahead for a special occasion.

The tasting menu allows you to explore everything on offer, specializing in a modern take on Hawaiian cuisine. After you’ve finished eating, pair the sunset views with a signature cocktail.

5. Senia

There are two experiences at Senia, an Oahu restaurant that applies spectacular techniques to traditional Hawaiian flavors. First, there’s the a la carte menu.

Served family style, the a la carte menu is a surprisingly affordable celebration of humble ingredients. 

The other experience is the tasting menu. Seated at the Chef’s Counter, the tasting menu offers a personal view of the kitchen, allowing you to discover just how the Senia team creates their remarkable dishes.

Chef’s Counter seats are limited, so book in advance. 

6. The Pig And The Lady

Enjoy a lively atmosphere and some high-quality Vietnamese food at the Pig and the Lady, an Oahu restaurant with a famous clientele.

Look beyond the (delightful) merchandise and big-name diners and you’ll find a menu that’s bursting with incredible flavors.

The Pig and the Lady is a delicious dinner destination, but we recommend stopping by for a large lunch — the Pho French Dip Bahn Mi is absolutely incredible. Finish your meal with a swirl of the P&L soft serve.

7. Azure

Located in the exceptional Royal Hawaiian Resort, Azure restaurant is a romantic spot on the Waikiki beachfront. Creating an intimate atmosphere with an unforgettable view, Azure is the perfect dining location for date night.

Azure offers a four-course menu that changes with the season. The food is typically inspired by the Hawaiian setting, with modern touches to create an inspiring flavor palette.

It’s pricey, but if you’re looking to celebrate, the glimmering allure of Azure is hard to resist.

8. Hau Tree

There’s a casual touch to Hau Tree, a resort restaurant sitting on the edges of Waikiki. Overlooking the beach and with a menu that celebrates simple ingredients, Hau Tree combines romance with laid-back friendliness.

While the food is exceptional, it’s the cocktail menu where Hau Tree really shines. The Hau Tree highball is a fresh twist on an old classic, while the lilikoi tiki fizz is a fun and flirty drink for sunny days.

9. Sushi Sho

With a well-established Japanese population and access to plenty of fresh fish, it’s no surprise that you can get amazing sushi on Oahu.

For sushi lovers who appreciate classic styles and delicate preparation, Sushi Sho is the perfect destination. 

You can definitely get cheaper sushi on Oahu. For poke fans, inexpensive Foodland is surprisingly hard to beat.

But if you want an elevated experience led by a sushi master, make a reservation at Sushi Sho. Buttery and soft, the fish will melt in your mouth.

10. 53 By The Sea

The sweeping beachside views of 53 By The Sea give you the first taste of what you can expect at this fine dining restaurant.

Looking across to the iconic Diamond Head, 53 by The Sea is infused with a calming ambiance underscored by that famous Hawaiian welcome.

53 By The Sea draws from the melting pot of cultures that can be found in Hawaii. You can enjoy a classic steak, a Japanese-inspired fish dish, or traditional local cuisine. For an indulgent start to the day, visit 53 By The Sea for brunch. 

11. Haleiwa Joe’s

Haleiwa Joe’s has two locations on Oahu, both with a serene and friendly atmosphere. The original Haleiwa town location is on the unforgettable “Seven-Mile Miracle”, and the surfer lifestyle has clearly influenced the bold flavors of the menu.

The second location is in Kaneohe, tucked away near the Haiku Gardens. An open-air restaurant, the seclusion of the valley location offers a peaceful place to enjoy a comfort food dinner.

12. Mina’s Fish House

Drawing from the traditional Hawaiian fish house, Mina’s Fish House is an elegant family dining destination located in the Four Seasons resort. 

There are two benefits to the oceanfront destination of Mina’s Fish House. First, the gentle shush of the waves combined with the panoramic ocean views build an enticing atmosphere. 

Second, from your lunch table, you get a pretty good view of where your food comes from! Mina’s Fish House believes in line-to-table dining, with fresh Hawaiian fish as the focus of the menu.

13. Side Street Inn

Side Street Inn is known for serving gourmet comfort food. It’s a place to stop after a long day of exploring Oahu, when you want filling food served in a welcoming atmosphere.

You’ll feel like family as soon as you step through the doors of Side Street Inn!

There is a lot to fall in love with on the menu at Side Street Inn, but we’re particularly fond of the pan-fried pork chops. Perfectly moist and juicy, they go well with the signature Side Street Inn’s Fried Rice.

The prices are pretty good, especially as the portions are huge. 

14. Nico’s Pier 38

Located across the street from the fish market, Nico’s Pier 38 offers some of the best seafood on Oahu. And that’s pretty impressive on an island that’s known for fantastic fresh fish!

The menu itself is relatively simple, allowing the fish to become the star of the show. There are a few classic dishes that are always worth trying, the pan-seared ahi is exceptional, but we recommend seeing what’s new that day.

For non-fish eaters, Nico’s Pier 38 does offer some staple items. If you can, visit on a Friday for the Hawaiian plate. 

15. Tiny Pyramid

You can enjoy a well-priced lunch or dinner at Tiny Pyramid, a French-inspired Bistro on Oahu. The chef’s specials are a particular highlight. Try the lamb Wellington, if you want to be impressed.

But whatever else you eat at Tiny Pyramid, make sure you save room for dessert. As well as an elegant bistro, Tiny Pyramid is a luxurious pastry shop.

The delicate desserts combine classic French techniques with local flavors. It’s hard to stop at one!


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get good food on Oahu, but if you are going to splash out, make it one of these restaurants.

Using local ingredients and inspired by the diverse cultures of Hawaii, these 15 restaurants are worth a long and lingering meal, even if it does come with a big bill!

Next time you’re visiting Oahu, make sure to celebrate with a meal at one of these exceptional eateries. Where do you like to dine on Oahu? 

Julia Wright
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