12 Amazing Places To Eat In Norman Worth The Money

Norman, Oklahoma, is known for being where the National Weather Center is located, as well as for being the home of the largest university in the state of Oklahoma.

It’s the second-biggest city in the state’s metropolitan area, and Cleveland County’s county seat.

12 Amazing Places To Eat In Norman Worth The Money

However, what you may not know about Norman is that it’s also a great place to experience incredible food. If you’re staying in or passing through Norman, you should have no problem finding some wonderful restaurants.

However, if you truly want the best of the best, keep reading! We’ve found 12 amazing places to eat in Norman, worth the money (see also “Amazing Places To Eat In Tulsa“).

These restaurants cover a variety of culinary styles from around the world, so there’s something to please everyone!

1. Legend’s Restaurant

Legend’s Restaurant is a family-owned business that has been a cornerstone of Norman’s dining scene since 1968.

The menu at Legend’s Restaurant features classics such as lamb chops and other cuts of red meat. The lamb chops cherry butter and mashed potatoes with sour cream and chives, elevating a fairly simple entrée to the next level.

Some more of our favorite items on the menu are the Atlantic salmon fillet, which comes with rice and a selection of vegetables.

The refined, high-end menu is just one of many reasons to reserve a table at this restaurant, however.

The service is also incredible, and it’s a well-known venue for special events in Norman. This restaurant is happy to arrange customized menus or buffets, and can offer you a complete package according to your budget.

2. Ray’s Smokehouse BBQ

If you love barbecue and are looking for the perfect place to dine as a family or with a group of friends, consider booking a table at Ray’s Smokehouse BBQ.

This is a family-friendly restaurant that offers numerous barbecue dishes. The menu is based on classic barbecue staples that everyone will love, but the Family Feast is particularly impressive and economical when you’re dining as a group.

You get to choose your meat of preference, and your platter will come with 2 lbs of that meat, along with your chosen side and some bread.

While there are several barbecue restaurants in Norman, Ray’s Smokehouse is known for its excellent quality, and the cuts of meat are always juicy and cooked to perfection.

3. Hideaway Pizza

On days when you’re craving pizza, Hideaway Pizza should be your restaurant of choice in Norman.

This local pizzeria has been established in Norman since 1957, and it continues to be one of the most popular options for pizza to this day.

The menu at Hideaway Pizza features well-known classics, but there are also some creative and adventurous options on the menu.

For example, if you love the cheese and meat combination, you won’t be able to get enough of the Big Country specialty pizza, which is topped with cheddar cheese as well as Polish sausage, pepperoni, hamburger meat, and bacon.

You can also get other things aside from pizza, including garlic bread and pasta dishes, so even if you’re not in the mood for pizza, you can still enjoy something delicious.

4. The Diner

The Diner is the place to go in Norman when you feel like a classic American or Tex-Mex breakfast or lunch.

The atmosphere at The Diner is relaxed and friendly, and the interior feels cozy and comfortable. This is a family-owned business that focuses on serving traditional comfort food as well as Tex-Mex variations.

We personally love the Eggaritto, which comes with cheesy scrambled eggs and vegetables inside a delicious tortilla. No matter what you order, you will get a side of fries or hash browns, so you’ll always leave The Diner feeling satisfied.

5. Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails

If you love having a cocktail or two with a delicious meal, Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails is the place for you!

The cuisine served at this restaurant is New American, and includes fantastic dishes such as the Coffee Pork Loin and the Wild Isles Organic Salmon.

However, one of the biggest attractions of Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails is its cocktail bar. Not only can you order from the menu of creative cocktails to sip alongside your meal, but you can even book a cocktail-making class!

Despite the high quality of the menu items and the exciting opportunity to make cocktails, Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails has a relaxed atmosphere that will make you feel right at home.

6. Interurban

Interurban is another well-known restaurant in Norman. It’s been part of the city’s culinary scene since 1976, and since then, it has continued to refine its menu, maintaining its success and reputation.

You can reserve a table either inside or outside at Interurban, and you can even organize events at the venue.

The restaurant serves brunch and lunch, and some of our favorite menu items include the IU Blue Cheese Burger, which is unlike any cheeseburger we’ve ever tried, featuring honey-pepper bacon and blue cheese crumbs.

This restaurant is family-friendly and has a kids’ menu. It also caters to various dietary requirements.

7. The Garage Burgers And Beer

The Garage is one of the best-reviewed burger joints in Norman, so if you’re in the mood for a juicy burger, you should head straight here!

Some of the most popular menu items at The Garage include the Avocado Chicken Salad Sandwich (one of the healthier options), and the more indulgent Bacon Double Cheeseburger.

Although The Garage primarily offers meat-based dishes, it also caters to a range of dietary requirements and has plenty of options for kids.

The bar is full-service, and the table service is efficient as well as friendly, so you’ll always have a great experience at this restaurant.

8. Benvenuti’s Ristorante

Craving some Italian food? In that case, the best restaurant in Norman is Benvenuti’s Ristorante!

Whether you’re dining alone, with friends or family, or even going on a romantic date, the atmosphere at Benvenuti’s is perfect. The service is amazing, and the interior decor feels intimate and classy.

Of course, being an Italian restaurant, the menu at Benvenuti’s features homemade pasta and mouth-watering pizzas.

However, you can order steak in the form of the Filetto Rosso, or even seafood dishes, such as the widely recommended lobster tail, which comes with a side of phenomenal mac and cheese.

This restaurant is just a short walk from Sooner Theater, so you can plan an amazing night out in Norman, starting with theater and ending with a delicious meal.

9. Neighborhood Jam

Neighborhood Jam is the place to go in Norman if you want the best breakfast you’ve ever had. This eatery is cozy and welcoming, and the service is warm and accommodating, so you’ll be having a great time before your food even arrives.

The Neighborhood Jam eatery features many different kinds of breakfast options, ranging from granola and fruit bowls (we recommend the Açai bowl, in particular) to incredible Cinnamon Roll Cakes and pancakes with generous toppings.

Although the vine at Neighborhood Jam is laid-back, the breakfast options are so delicious and indulgent that it’s also a great eatery for special occasions.

10. The Moon Sushi & Asian Bistro

There’s no better place in Norman for sushi and Asian-style cuisine than The Moon Sushi & Asian Bistro.

All the options on the menu at this restaurant are inspired by traditional Asian dishes, and every plate is beautifully presented, so your food will look as good as it tastes.

From filling fried rice to flavorful maki rolls, there’s something to satisfy every craving at The Moon Sushi & Asian Bistro. Plus, you can order fun cocktails and delicious, locally-sourced beers with your meal.

11. Redrock Canyon Grill

Meat lovers will definitely appreciate the menu at Redrock Canyon Grill, which is known to be one of the best restaurants in Norman for classic, Southwest-inspired food, ranging from rotisserie chicken to succulent meatloaf.

The menu focuses on comfort food, but it’s all prepared to an excellent standard, and there’s an impressive drinks’ menu featuring local beers, cocktails, and wine.

The decor at Redrock Canyon Grill is rustic, which fits perfectly with the theme of the menu. The atmosphere is laid-back and uplifting at the same time, so you’ll feel comfortable yet energized as you enjoy some of the most satisfying food in the city!

12. Whispering Pines Inn Restaurant

Whispering Pines Inn is a bed and breakfast in Norman, and both its restaurant and accommodation have received glowing reviews from customers.

However, it’s the restaurant we really want to talk about today. The Whispering Pines is a fine dining restaurant serving an incredible menu that includes classics such as shrimp cocktail and a fromage and charcuterie platter, as well as Ribeye, New York strip, and Filet Mignon steaks.

There’s also a full-service bar serving a wide range of beers, wines, and liquors to accompany your meal.

Final Thoughts

No matter what kind of food you’re in the mood for, Norman’s dining scene has you covered.

The most amazing places to eat in Norman include burger joints, sushi bars, pizzerias, and fine dining restaurants, and every dining experience we’ve recommended today will be worth the money (see also “Amazing Places To Eat In Owasso“).

Julia Wright
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